About Us
About Us

Welcome to Tuffkid, a Jewish nursery supporting both mainstream and special needs children with an integrated approach to learning through play.

There are 28 spaces available.

At Tuffkid Nursery, every child who comes through our door is welcomed and loved for who they are, and our values are clearly seen in every aspect of our work and are embedded into the curriculum. We set positive examples by performing good deeds and promote good character by giving praise.

Orthodox Jewish life and practices permeate every aspect of our daily routine and activities. Our curriculum enables the children to develop a love of Torah, Yiras Shomayim and Ahavas Hashem. We encourage the children in Middos and Mitzvos by showing them respect and acting as role models for them to emulate. We show tolerance through the acceptance and celebration of different cultural backgrounds.

Our highly trained specialist staff work with young children with physical and learning disabilities to create a stable and positive foundation throughout early childhood.

Alongside the Early Years Foundation curriculum, we promote healthy living, including yoga, nutrition and oral health. We are committed to the continual development and learning of our staff and offer training for other nurseries across London.

We provide a fully equipped nursery which includes an extensive range of high-quality resources; a soft room with ball pond; nappy changing facilities, beautiful outdoor area with grass, vegetable plot and trees for fruit picking; shallow water feature with pump; fishpond with domed cover; large scale play equipment.

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3 Western Avenue
London, NW11 9HG

Phone: 020 8201 8488
E-mail: Tuffkid@kisharon.org.uk