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A gold first for Tuffkid Nursery

15 November 2021

Tuffkid Nursery is the first in Barnet to win a gold HEYL (Healthy Early Years London) award.  Head Janice Marriott and her team won the award for encouraging children to be more active.

She explained: “Our main focus for the award was physical development and how to optimise children’s health and well-being through play and movement. We saw a huge improvement in our children’s physical awareness and independence, particularly in the area of self-care. When the children started nursery in September many of them would stand and wait for help with dressing or putting on their coats and shoes. By the end of the year, many of them were able to dress themselves, which is an impressive accomplishment for all concerned.”

Research after the project also showed a vast improvement in parents’ understanding of what children needed to be doing at home and in the nursery to help them in their physical development.

The latest research says children under five should be active for 180 minutes every day. The nursery invited parents to hear authoritative talks on the benefits of keeping children on the go, and the weekly nursery newsletter carried information about physical activities to help prepare children for primary school.

Nurseries and childminders are eligible to enter the HEYL awards, which are funded by the Mayor of London. Entrants are required to run a health project. Tuffkid has adopted several healthy living programmes previously, and achieved bronze and silver awards.

Janice said: “I am thrilled that we have received the gold award. It is a huge achievement for Tuffkid, all our staff and our parents.”

Tania Barney, Coordinator for Barnet’s Healthy Early Years Programmes, added: “I’m so proud of Tuffkid, and the award they have achieved.”

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